Company was established in 1991 as A Criativa Marcas e Patentes with its original focus related to IP services within Brazil territory. After continuous expansion both domestically and internationally, Pereira Bertozzi was established with the purpose of handling the International business of the original company.

We do Intellectual Property in a different way. Filing a petition only, it is out fashioned. We want to connect with our clients and understand their future plans for IP, so we can guide to what is best for them.

PB maintains partnership with agents and offices in more that 60 countries, some of them are part of the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and some are by itself. Pereira Bertozzi also helps companies and inventors to transform their patenteable ideas into reality by connecting those people with potential sponsors and investors.

Another expertise has always been the legalization of Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical Devices and related products within regulatory agencies on sanitary matters (e.g. ANVISA, FDA). This consulting service is also offered to the international cases, we are experts in the legalization of imported products in to Brazil.


To successfully secure the Trademark, Patent, Design, Software, Copyright registration through the official agencies and defeat the obtained rights against third parties.


  • Intellectual Property Registration in Brazil;
  • Regulatory affair consulting for food and pharmaceutical at ANVISA in Brazil;
  • Business to Patents (B2P) – connecting inventions with investors;
  • Contracts for Intellectual Property Licensing and Rights;
  • Contracts for Foreign Companies to Stablish Branches in Brazil;
  • Litigation processes.