International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of IP practitioners. Annually, this event attracts over 10,000 delegates.

INTA Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to meet new relationships partners, learn from top experts and pursue professional development. That’s why Pereira Bertozzi, Intellectual Property Office, located in Brazil, has participated in the last editions.

The 141st INTA was held in Boston, Massachusetts, and brought innovation, market trends, as well as best practices to apply on our organization.

To continue building the best IP strategy for our clients, Pereira Bertozzi went to Boston last year and got in touch with the latest solutions and researches, which includes studies about Generation Z emerging as an influential public of consumers and brand owners. Very interesting!

Other issues discussed were very fresh and promising, like “How Blockchain will Facilitate Trademark Management in the Future of IP” and “What Trademark Protection will be Available to the Owners of EU Trademarks after Brexit?”.

Unfortunately, INTA 2020 Annual Meeting in Singapore, to be held in late April, was canceled due to coronavirus outbreak. The event this year will be relocated to the United States and will take place in either May or June, but the details and the host city has yet to be named by the organization.

* INTA Annual Meeting in Boston Overview – 2019

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