Currently, the most valuable brand in Brazilian football is Flamengo, with a brand value of $ 405.550.027 million, according to the study “Value of Brands and Finances of Brazilian Clubs”.

In 2019, Flamengo won Libertadores da América Cup, Brazilian National League, Florida Cup, Carioca Championship and having been runner-up in the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019.

The study “Value of Brands and Finances of Brazilian Clubs” is annually carried out and promoted by BDO Brazil, the fifth largest auditing and consulting company in the country. The objective of this study is to contribute to the flow of information and marketing tools for the football market.

In this ranking, promoted for the first time 12 years ago, BDO analyzes 30 variables that comprise: total revenue, revenue without transferring athletes, cost of the football department of the clubs, surplus and deficit for the year, indebtedness, in addition to data obtained from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and State Federations.

The greatest weight of the analysis are the fans (54% of the value), the club’s revenues (29%) and the numbers of the team in the football market (17%). The performance of the club during the annual season directly influences the results of the study, as it has an impact on the paying public during the games and on the revenues obtained from titles won.

The current ranking of the most valuable brands in Brazilian football is still composed of Corinthians (2nd place), Palmeiras (3rd), São Paulo (4th), Grêmio (5th), Cruzeiro (6th), Internacional (7th), Atlético Mineiro (8th), Vasco (9th) and Santos (10th).

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