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Brazilian’s Patent Applications Examinations backlog

The accumulation of patent applications pending approval is a problem that has hindered the registration of foreign applicant’s patents in Brazil. Concerned about this situation, the Brazilian Register Office (INPI) started the Project to Combat Backlog. This project aims to reduce, in up to two years, the number of patent applications for examination with pending […]

Carob House registers trademarks and patents outside of Brazil with Pereira Bertozzi

Ensuring the intellectual property of products outside the country is also very important for companies that one day plan to expand their activities beyond the Brazilian territory. This is the case of Carob House, which hired Pereira Bertozzi International IP Office to guarantee the registration of its trademarks and patents in Uruguay. Recognized for not […]

Pereira Bertozzi at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting

INTA Annual Meeting in Boston Overview – 2019 International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of IP practitioners. Annually, this event attracts over 10,000 delegates . INTA Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to meet new relationships partners, learn from top experts and pursue professional development. That’s why Pereira Bertozzi, Intellectual […]