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What are “Lovemarks” and why do we love them?

Some brands simply transcend their segment and even become synonymous with the product and service they offer. They conquer fans, collectors and go down in history as true objects of worship. They are the Lovemarks. This definition, elaborated by the author Kevin Roberts and disseminated in Marketing studies, in practice comes down to the brands […]

Brazilian’s Patent Applications Examinations backlog

The accumulation of patent applications pending approval is a problem that has hindered the registration of foreign applicant’s patents in Brazil. Concerned about this situation, the Brazilian Register Office (INPI) started the Project to Combat Backlog. This project aims to reduce, in up to two years, the number of patent applications for examination with pending […]

Carob House registers trademarks and patents outside of Brazil with Pereira Bertozzi

Ensuring the intellectual property of products outside the country is also very important for companies that one day plan to expand their activities beyond the Brazilian territory. This is the case of Carob House, which hired Pereira Bertozzi International IP Office to guarantee the registration of its trademarks and patents in Uruguay. Recognized for not […]

Pereira Bertozzi’s connections around the globe

As an international company, Pereira Bertozzi IP office is extremely proud of its business partners around the world. Throughout these connections, we are able to offer our customers the best service available in terms of trademark and patent registration anywhere in the globe. 🌎 We are extremely glad to have at our side specialized law companies such as Vernalha Guimarães & […]

Attitudes that can make a huge difference

At this moment when we are all struggling against something beyond our forces, some attitudes can make a huge difference. This is why Pereira Bertozzi IP office in Brazil, is extremely proud of its clients. As an example, we have the innovation startup Hi Technologies, which have adapted its admirable device Hilab, a compact exam machine, to give test results for […]

Why choose Pereira Bertozzi to register the trademark or patent you represent in Brazil? 🤔

• Our company has an experienced and high-level technical team, which makes every effort to ensure that the process is executed in the fastest and most economical way. 💨 • We are members of the International Trademark Association and part of the Brazilian Association of Intelectual Property (ABPI) and the Brazilian Association of Industrial Properties […]

About Pereira Bertozzi

Established in 1991 as A Criativa Marcas e Patentes with its original focus related to IP services within the Brazilian territory, Pereira Bertozzi was founded after continuous expansion with the purpose of handling the International business of the original company. 🌎 For us, Intellectual Property should be handled in a different way. Filing a petition […]