Worldwide quarantine: opportunity for corporate innovation


Social isolation can be an opportunity to develop professional skills, give vent to creativity and expand the cognitive repertoire. This period is a chance, as few others, to use time in favor to strengthen companies, get closer (even from a distance), and, consequently, bring brands to the public in innovative ways.

In the trademark and patent segment, this critical phase leads to a prolific flow of records in order to guarantee the exclusivity of using solutions for current and future challenges. The obstacles that force us to face this hard and new reality are the same ones that provoke the birth of professions, niches in economic segments and products of intellectual property.

Episodes of difficulties demand a lot of our ability to adapt and understand. Moreover, inventions and services with high benefit are certainly the differentials that will remove us from a situation of stagnation towards evolution. The breaking of paradigms bothers us by taking us out of the comfort zone. However, these divisions are responsible for the main movements and transformations that changed the course of history.

Given this scenario, what brand or invention will you and your company leave during the world quarantine?

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